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Adam P. Savje, an artist based in Boston, Massachusetts, works primarily with film and enjoys analyzing 2001:A Space Odyssey, which inspired him from a very young age along with the original Star Wars.


He is the Studio Manager of the Animation Department at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Besides managing the department, he mentors students in pre-digital methods of visual effects on analog machines, including the optical printer and the animation stand. His work focuses on human consciousness, specifically the conflict between the spirit and the flesh and how symbols and fetishes are catalyst in the transmutation of awareness of oneself and the world.

He recently completed Asymptote, from the series Intimacies of Geometry, with Erinn E. Hagerty. This series combines narration and visual abstractions to create a space for reflecting on the nature of relationships.


He currently has several film projects in process including Spherical Melencolia and Fall Dead Behind a Hidden Door, both in post-production. As well as an adaption of Robert W. Chambers' short story The Yellow Sign in pre-production.

Curriculum Vitae

Artist Statement


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