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Spherical Melencolia I | 2017 | Adam Savje | USA | 0:00 |

16mm Colour & B&W, Super 8mm Colour & B&W, 5k Digital Transfer, Light, Live Action, Animation, Live action photography, Direct-on-Film hand-painting, Bleach


Featuring Adam Savje, Erika Sanborn, Phil Rogers Jr.

Soundtrack by Phil Rogers Jr. & Adam Savje

Special Thanks: Bryce Barros (for his insightful critique of an earlier version of this film in 1993.)



This film is inspired by Durer’s Melencolia I (1514). The I in the title refers to 


Spherical aberration is when light rays passing through a spherical lens focus on different points resulting in loss of clarity and resolution.


Inspiration, creativity passing through the lens of an Artist’s consciousness can be


Inspired by Durer’s Melencolia I (1514), the I refers to Melancholia Imaginativa , where imagination asserts dominance in an Artist’s consciousness over reason. This can cause a particular potent form of melancholic depression and potentially drives one into a hell of one’s own creation. CITE SOURCE


A film begun in 1992 and completed in 2017

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