Fall Dead Behind a Hidden Door


Fall Dead Behind a Hidden Door | 2017 | Adam Savje | USA | 0:00 |

16mm B&W Reversal, 5k Digital Transfer, Light, Live Action Photography, Animation

| Featuring Phil Rogers Jr., Rebecca Budrose, Phoebe Savje & Adam Savje

Soundtrack by Phil Rogers Jr. & Adam Savje

A spiritual transformation through violence. Set in the archetypal landscape of the “Western” genre and using the symbolic language of Alchemy, this film visually manifests the conflicting patterns of thought generated between the Body, the Mind & the Spirit of an Artist at a crossroads in their life.

This film was begun in 1993 and completed in 2017


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*The background film clip is a completely analog 16mm film experiment photographed on an Oxberry animation stand.

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